Louise Durocher / Sculptor, Artist, Architect

I explore the complex human feelings, tensions, and experiences that manifest in relationships. By constructing moments of understanding that explore an outsider’s voice, I unite deep physicality and vulnerability.

My works express the unrevealed emotional feelings and “humeurs” that people keep to themselves because they do not want to be seen as imperfect, burdensome to others.

Concealed narratives and complex simplicity are an aesthetic and theme throughout my work that subtly or captivatingly allows the viewer to question its meaning. I engage the viewer to discover and express the “raison d’être” or reason for being – taking them on a journey inward toward their own emotional feelings. 

I am a physical person living in a three-dimensional world inside and outside of my body. In my head, I walk around imagining spaces, objects, and the feeling they create. I see the light they are surrounded by, feel the breeze that goes through, breathe the smells wafting in the air, and envision them in buildings amongst gardens, adored by their people.
— Louise Durocher

Louise Durocher was born in Montreal, Canada and lives and works in Seattle, Washington. She started sculpting at the age of eleven, writing poems at the age of fourteen, and began printing monotypes six years ago. Louise is a member of the National Association of Women Artists. Her works are currently in collections in Canada, France, Japan, and the United States. All artworks are represented by Studio Durocher.